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Name:Delilah Sallinger
Birthdate:Mar 12
The less-then stable side of [personal profile] sometimespretty (CW for kidnapping, scarring, molesting, and general trauma to all parties ever)


Delilah was kidnapped as a child. Her captor was obsessed with the idea of raising the perfect bride - a personal angel. He carved wings into her back, and filled out feathers every time she learned a "lesson." Although he was arrested before she grew old enough to be molested, the damage to her psyche was rather thorough. Delilah is broken, delusional, and obsessed with being seen as pretty. Pretty, to her, is about being obedient and sweet and perfect as well as actual physical looks. Occasionally, she decides to share her pretty outlook with others, wanting them to feel the things she felt as a captive.

She's kept in check - to a small extent - by Del, Delilah's own creation. Del is the bits of sanity Delilah had left, scrapped together into a somewhat-functioning persona that runs daily life. She talks to psychologists, collects money for disability, occasionally attempts to work, sometimes attends classes at the local college... She disapproves of Delilah hurting, or "bad touching" other people. While this doesn't actually stop Delilah, who takes control whenever Del grows stressed, it does drive Delilah to at least cover her triacks and hide her victims from the other persona. This effectively limits her to one person at a time.

The two personalities only directly interact during dreams, at which point Delilah usually attempts to molest her "sister" - and is pretty much always shut down by the straight laced counterpart.

Physically, both of them carry the scars of their time as a captive. The carved form of wings, with individual feathers carved into the outline - only about half filled.

...As a side note, Delilah is not her real name. (Nor is Del.) Their captor only called them His Angel, and she no longer remembers the name she was born with.


Delilah is a pretty girl. She has to be. That's what The Bad Man taught her to be. He put her in her dark room, with her pretty pink bed, and her hard floor, and he put her on his knee he told her that she was going to be oh so pretty when she grew up. He was going to make sure of it. His perfect little angel.

Then he cut the wings into her backside. Just the outlines. But one day they'd be full, he'd told her. One day she'd be a true angel. He just had to teach her how. That's why they had Lessons. How to sit, how to talk, how to laugh. She had to be pretty. Every time she was pretty, she got feathers. When she gotg enough feathers she would be perfect. Pretty. A pretty pretty angel.

But the Other Men took him away. They took him away before he'd finished her. But she was still pretty. She was definitely pretty. She'd been made pretty. Even if he hadn't finished. She was so pretty.... So pretty.

The Other Men wouldn't answer when she asked them, though; and the Doctor Man kept telling her how The Man was The Bad Man, and they'd had to take her away. She couldn't see him anymore. He was Bad.

They wanted to know where her parents were.She didn't know. Was The Bad Man her father? She didn't think so. She was certain no. But she couldn't remember. They wanted to put her with other people then. They wanted her to live life. Go school. Do Things. Things she couldn't do.

Delilah was Pretty. That's what she'd been made.... So she made Del. Del was sane. Nice. Sweet. She didn't know how to be Pretty like Delilah did. She just knew how to be good.

How to take care of them. Talk to the psychologists and say what they needed to hear. Make them money...Yes. Del was good to Delilah. Even if she didn't let Delilah have fun.

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